Labeling and industrial marking systems


“Linear” labeling systems that guarantee all the flexibility of the adhesive. No glue to feed, heat, clean. And, above all, “configure” very quickly, without the need to replace the mechanical parts (format changes), typical of rotary movements.

Serie LightSerie SolidSerie Solid SkytechSerie Solid Hitech
Non-bulky systems for the simplest labeling requirements.Compact systems suitable also for medium / high productivity.Expandable systems, also suitable for higher productivity.The ultimate in self-adhesive technology, ideal for high-productivity non-stop labeling.
Card BoardPharmatrackSemiatuomático laserAutomático laser
The specialist in labeling cases and cardsFor pharmaceutical packaging formats: inkjet marking, labeling and Self-adhesive sealing.Semi-automatic systems for off-line laser marking.Fully automatic systems for laser marking on the production line.